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Task 1:
Thesis: Why are children so affected by the foster care system? The reason foster care system has such affect on children in foster care has to do with the change in environment causing traumatic situations, the role on their social, emotional and educational experiences, along the feeling of not having a permanent home in certain situations.

(Altshuler, 1997). This article addresses the educational challenges of children in foster care and those who are not. Altshuler, the author, also discusses the challenges that school staff will be facing when they have a child(ren) in their class or care. Altshuler compares the academic difficulties that foster children demonstrate compared to their peers who are not in foster care. This will be a very important resource for the research paper because it addresses not only the challenges for the child but for the educational staff. It will also help by providing the academic performance and classroom achievement comparing foster children with their peers. This resource was found on the WGU library research database. It is a credible article being that it has author, database sources, great grammar and writing style. The article is well written with their sources cited. The conclusion is based on research and sources seem to be unbiased with the information given.

(Barber, Delfabbro, & Copper, 2001). This resource was found on the WGU library research database. It is a credible article being that it has author, database sources, great grammar and writing style. The article talks about how long it takes for a child to transition into a new home. It distinguishes successful and unsuccessful transitions into foster care. How placement stability is based on successful foster care placement. Survival in foster care based on the children’s age and mental health.
This will pertain to my research paper because it shows the facts and studies of the success and unsuccessful stories of children in foster care. It will help put real life stories into my research.

(Big Brother Big Sister, 2014). This source is a fantastic resource for children between 6-18 years old. It is a 1-on-1 system designed to help children reach their full potential and can be very beneficial to foster children. It provides activities through their network of volunteers, donors and supporters. Children are matched with an adult mentor. They have shown achievements in success in school, helping children to avoid risky behaviors and help improve self-confidence.
This is a great source for the research paper because it does not show just the negative effects but it is a resource to help achieve and provide help for children who need it including those in foster care. It shows stability for those who may travel from home to home this wont change. It is a very nice site that is easy to maneuver and find the information needed. It has the founder’s address and information to contact them. They also help find the closest location to those that want it.

(Children’s Rights, 2013). This website gives factual information about children in foster care. The average time a child spent in out-of-home care and how it affects them medically, developmentally, and emotionally. Facts about the length of time it takes for a child to be adopted and the amount of wait time in the foster system before the process or likelihood of being adopted to start. Some other topics presented in the article are the age the most children are adopted and the likelihood that children will stay in foster care till they are eighteen.
This website is a good source because it has the author, date, and sources. The website does not seem to have a persuasion for one way or another it seems to be strictly informational. The site design is simple and well designed with great writing style. It will be a great resource to compare facts and add facts about children in foster care and the effects it has on them medically, developmentally