Foster: Family and Angel Hides Alyssa Essay

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So…Once Upon a time there was a girl named Angel and she was what you would call an “Outsider” She wasn’t like everyone else…No she was a special. She is what we most people call suicidal. Her parents abused her they hit her and called her names. She was in foster care when this happened. She had bruises on her arms and on her legs they were everywhere and she knew how to hide it. She hid it so well you couldn’t even tell when she was in pain. But one day, she met a girl named Alyssa. Alyssa had the same problems but the difference was Alyssa was only ten years old and Angel was fourteen and she knows what it feels like to be used as a punching bag or a body bag. She knew she had to help Alyssa. Alyssa was crying and got more and more bruises then Angel realized that she was in foster care to so they could be in one house Alyssa packs her things and sprints to Angels friend car and Angels friend Sky drives them to Angels and Angel hides Alyssa. Well Angels “dad” comes home and well the foster mother died when Angel was only ten. Angel was torn because she loved her mother and nothing could change how she felt for her foster mom. She cared for her and her foster mom was the sweetest woman she had Blonde hair and blue eyes she was six foot four and she weighed ninety-nine pounds. Her mom used to model for Victoria Secret her foster mom was twenty-two. Her mom was the kindest person and she always did her part for the community and helped out charities. She stopped gang violence and helped out the elders with their ernes and to help them deal with their problems and she was a doctor and she loved being a model and a doctor she said it helped her “Cope with her problems and also, help her with her breakdowns” She was always the sweetest person who was caring and loved almost everyone she gave money to the poor and helped get people more money and they would feed the poor and house them. Her foster dad though he worked at Budweiser and he was a junkie like hardcore junkie and was mean. He didn’t care who he hurt to. He was abusive and he didn’t just smack once but the least he`d hit was six times. Then there was her boyfriend Jackson Deobald who said he loved her but then he double crossed her and was trying to get her to kill herself. Luckily Alyssa was there to stop Angel from doing it. Thanks to Jackson. She was on the verge of death and she didn’t care she loved him that much. That’s true love when you would die for someone like that. That’s when you know you have fallen hardcore and she was risking her life for him and Alyssa luckily saved Angel and if it wasn’t for her then she would’ve been dead…like she can’t come back dead. I mean it’s not that bad but she Alyssa and her bonded over that one night and about what happened to her and then Angels dad comes in and Alyssa hides and Angels dad starts pounding on the poor little Angel. Who only weighs sixty-five pounds and she’s five foot. She’s so boney and anorexic. When her dad leaves Angel is bleeding and is crying. Alyssa comes out of hiding and gets the first aid kit and fixes Angel up a little bit. Alyssa was so upset and she hugged Angel and told Angel she would be okay. Angel