Government Should Be Paying You For Your Information

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Roberto Barbery
Professor Derek
Fundamentals of the Internet
March 4, 2015

Why government should be paying you for your information?

The topic that we are discussing this week is really important because is about who whe are, what we do and how this kind of things can affect our future and our privacy. Beginning with the title, that state why government should pay us for our information we might think that this is a simple thing that is about the network world and the different ways that people has to get our information, but is not just that, actually the topic this time is a lot deeper than what the title says.

Jaron Lanier, which is a musician producer but also a master in science computers has an argument that government should pay citizen for the information that they get about them, he says that the fact that the internet provides free data about anyone is making society more unequal. He is concern about the fact that people get information about someone in order to manipulate. But specifically he means the fact that being able to use the biggest computers to calculate money out of the rest of the world by manipulating it creates the greatest fortunes in history instantly.

Being said what Lanier thinks and what he is trying to do; we have a good picture about his proposal, so now I want to develop my point of view. I am not agree with him in part, I do not going to say that he is completely wrong, because it makes sense some of the points that he means, but myself, coming from a really poor country, where we so not even have a good technology, one of the most valuable things that we have is the possibility to get informed about what is the reality in the rest of the world, and that is the main reason I disagree with him, because I believe that his point of view is too “American”. He should thing beyond this country, he should think about how this idea would impact to other nations, to the one that are not as rich as United States and then, when he gathered information about it, start to make a proposal, a plan, but with a biggest vision, not just focused on what is happening over here.

Talking about the positive thing, I believe that is a really good idea to limit the information that the people can get about someone else, I think that is about privacy and safety of the people, I am not sure about the process, he says that the process will…