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A Foundation is a nonprofit corporation with the goal and purpose of making grants to organizations and or institutions for educational, scientific and cultural purposes ( Many times, without foundations assistance, the nonprofits would have a difficult time achieving their mission, purpose and or vision. The Foundation Center maintains a database(s) of various private foundations known in the United States. According to the Foundation Center, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has been ranked number 41 out of 100 for having assets valued at two-million based on the most recent financial audit on November 2, 2013 ( The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation was set up in the middle 1960’s by Mr. Ewing Marion Kauffman, successful entrepreneur and owner of the Kansas City Royals ( The foundation’s mission is to “help individuals attain economic independence by advancing achievement and entrepreneur of our founder, Ewing Marion Kauffman”. (

Having grown up in the Kansas City area, Ewing Kauffman was very well known for his foundation; along with being a KC Royals baseball fan, in wanting to provide and encourage Kansas Citians that a quality education is a foundation in preparing our students for success in college and in life. When a student has the means and the drive to be successful and is given the right tools, that student will be successful and in return will be able to provide jobs which will allow society to grow.

The Kauffman Foundation focuses on two-key areas – education and entrepreneurship when considering grants to other nonprofits. When grants are considered and issued by the foundation, they feel that the grant is an “investment” and in respect they look for a return on that investment. Kauffman Foundation wants nonprofits who share and their vision and passion for the two key areas to apply for a grant. The Foundation “does not use a grant application or formal application process” nor do they have proposed deadlines or established funding limits. According to the guidelines, they only fund programs with in the United States; however, majority of the education grants and civic grants remain in the Kansas City area. Once the grant seekers are familiar with the requirements and have gained a full understanding of the foundation, a Letter of Inquiry must be submitted. The letter must include a description of the organization, summary of achievements in relation to the problem or need that will be addressed and how the organization will respond. Furthermore, must indicate the timeframe for the activity/program, estimated cost and indicate if any additional funding sources have been secured that will assist with the project/program. Also, must include board members, staff and any additional officers along with a copy of the most recent 990 form. The foundation clearly states that individuals are discouraged from applying as well as organizations that discriminate (based on sex, age, creed, origin, disability etc.), political or social organizations and any medical research that is for profit or targets individuals with specific medical needs/conditions ( If the Kauffman Foundation finds that the letter meets the criteria and meets the two-key areas, a letter will be sent to the organization requesting additional information-more detailed proposal. Now, if the letter does not meet the expectations, a letter of denial will be sent indicating reason for denial and may include additional resources that may help the organization seek funds elsewhere to assist with the program/project.