Founding Fathers Research Paper

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A Chat with the Founding Fathers

It would be very interesting to have a conversation with the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington would be fascinated by what America looks like now. There has been many changes from the times they once walked on the soil of the United States which is two centuries ago. The first Founding Father I would like to talk to is Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson would be fascinated to know that there has not been slavery for over one hundred years. I think he would also be pleased to hear that the current President right now is an African American. Thomas Jefferson would be delighted to now that anybody over eighteen can vote. Next, I would like to have a conversation with Benjamin Franklin. I think he would be astounded to know that electricity is used in just about everything we use today. I think he would be honored to know that he is on the one hundred dollar bill. He would also like to hear that he is the most celebrated figure in the United States history. Finally yet importantly, I would like to have a discussion with George Washington. I would tell George Washington that he played a big role in the Revolutionary War. George Washington would be surprised that there has been 44 presidential terms since he was president. I would also tell him that our