Four Dimensions of Human Resource Management Practices Essay

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“Outline the four dimensions of human resource management practices, including specific examples of human resource practices within each area”.

The four dimensions of human resource management practices are: Managing The Human Resource Environment, Acquisition and Preparation of Human Resources, Assessment and Development of Human Resources, and Compensation of Human Resources as stated by Noe et al (2010). These four practices help companies deal with the competitive challenges (e.g. global, sustainability and technology) they are faced with.

Managing The Human Resource Environment
Managing the Human Resource Environment is a crucial tool, which encompasses of compliance issues, companies objectives and the work environment. Here,
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Equipped with the right tools and knowledge to climb the corporate ladder, it is said to spot and groom the next generation of team to succeed those before them. Also, the possibility to close the margin of work to employee’s interest is seek to create a conducive environment for all to work in. With that, companies will see better performance in staff, which benefits both the company and its employees.

Taking reference from the Ulysses program – a global leadership development program for future leaders - designed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the eight weeks program is designed to build a global network of responsible leaders by sending their employees to developing areas of the world to use their business skills to benefit locals and learn how to overcome barriers, connect with clients from different cultures and identify answers to very difficult problems. There was one instance where an employee was sent to a village in Africa to help village leaders deal with the community’s AIDS crisis. After having worked on the AIDS project, the employee saw how slowly decisions were made in other places, in return the employee learnt to become more patient with his peers at work. The same employee now also favours face-to-face conversation over email because it is a more valuable approach to building trust due to the fact that the village in Africa has no electricity, email or Power