The Greedy Snake And The Patient Bear

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Christopher Contreras
Fable - LM#2
The Greedy Snake and The Patient Bear Once upon a time, there was a Snake and a Bear walking in despair throughout a lifeless, dark forest. With frowns upon their faces facing the ground, both pals walked wondering when, again, they would obtain the chance of a meal. "This is the end. It's been days!" proclaimed the Snake. "Patience, our meal will arrive," the Bear assured as he smiled to give a tad of happiness and hope to his good old friend. Hours passed and Bear had lost track of the now-dark path. When he realized they were walking down the wrong path, Bear turned to inform his friend Snake. However, his friend Snake was gone. "Snake! Snake! Where are you?!" screamed the troubled Bear. Suddenly, Bear heard noises coming from a bush nearby. As Bear approached, he finds his good old friend Snake devouring a set of delicious fruits and poultry, he had found behind a tree in a basket. When Snake saw Bear, he commanded, "Go away, you bloated piece of meat! This is all mine! I generated to find it all by myself, in this basket here, and it's enough for me because you eat four times the portions I would ever eat." Bear ran crying, filled with sorrow and despair. As Snake finished his short meal, he felt pretty satisfied and somewhat in doubt about the penurious mistreat of his long time friend, Bear. After a few hours Snake, solely, decided to follow the path he had last seen Bear run through. On his way, he finds a house. A colorful house, that could