Four Godly Realms: A Short Story

Words: 1801
Pages: 8

The flame of the torch guttered and flickered as its holder strode through the hallways of the dungeon. Located deep in the recesses of the Lighteater Abyssal Crevice, the density of the ambient essence here was thinner than anywhere else in the Four Godly Realms. It was so sparse as to not even easily support a simple light spell, and so the warden of this prison was left with no choice but to use such a primitive source of light as a torch.

The pit of his gut churning, the warden reached the end of this particular corridor and stood in front of a massive black metal door, sealed with multiple bolts and draped with crisscrossing chains held together with a lock. Anywhere else in the universe and these measures would be childish even for an Immortal Lord, let alone a full Heavenly Lord like the warden, but the occupants of the cells in this particular dungeon had long since been deprived of essence and had their physiques sealed.

Only the warden could blow away this door like a cobweb with a gesture, but essence spent here could not be recovered
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Shackled spread-eagle inside a runic circle to the far wall was a man, his pale skin exposed as he was only clad in a pair of torn black breeches. Besides the metal bindings that held his limbs, chains also crossed that torso and legs to secure it further. These in themselves none too shocking a sight, but what was outside the norm was the twenty or so hooks attached to more chains that were directly embedded in the man's body, cruelly impaling the primary muscles in his flesh to immobility. The wounds caused by the hooks were somehow bloodless, and that in itself attested to their necessity. Whether the bindings, chains, or hooks were causing the man torment was obscured, however, as the man's head was slumped forward, a magnificent mane of black hair hiding the man's