Four Holiday Packing Rules You Should Know Essay

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Four Holiday Packing Rules You Should Know

That’s not the way. Photo © JackF We’ve all been there, in a night-before panic at our airport hotel, too late to leave anything behind but still sitting on an over-stuffed suitcase that just…won’t…shut.
Whether you’re catching a red-eye flight to Hurghada (savvy travellers should try a Travelodge airport hotel to feel fresh for their flights) or Majorca, there are four golden rules to making packing less of a pain.
1. Find the right bag
Finding the right bag can depend on a whole load of variables: how long you’re going for, how many people you’re travelling with and where you’re going. With that in mind, though, we’ve found three versatile solutions that should tick most travel boxes:
This Flylite Flexi Foldaway Cabin Bag fits lots of clothes but also most airlines’ carry-on restrictions (£60, Just pack and go.
These Bago Packing Cubes are perfect if the whole family is sharing a suitcase and you want to keep tabs on whose pants are whose (£24.95,
A Trunki is ideal if you’re travelling with little ones. A case and toy in one, you’ll have no trouble getting them to hold onto their luggage (£34.99, 2. Find the tricks that work for you
There are hundreds of great packing hacks, but here are just three that have saved us maximum space, with minimum effort:

Use a spare for make-up. Photo © Svetl
Leave bulky liquid make-up bottles behind for short trips by squeezing a small amount of foundation or face cream into a clean contact lens holder
You might be quite attached to your leather shoulder bags, but swapping them out for canvas totes will save valuable space in your suitcase
Use your shoes! Pack small items – think jewellery, cosmetics or electricals – into them so that every space is used. 3. Pack an outfit for every occasion (but do it cleverly)
This isn’t as difficult as you might think; stick to three tops and three bottoms which all work together (think co-ordinating colours…