Four Key Milestones In The Development Of Cognitive Psychology

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Cognitive Psychology
September 23, 2013

Cognitive Psychology
Define Cognitive Psychology
When learning about cognitive psychology it is how one studies mental process. For instance on how one remembers, thinks learn, and perceives. This is a new branch of psychology, but seems to be important. We need to be able to understand the mental process so that we are able to help patients with learning about their behavior.
Four Key Milestones in the Development of Cognitive Psychology
In cognitive psychology when it comes to neuroscience is where we are able to use better equipment to study the mind in a more scientific manner. Neuroscientist are able to piece links of the brain structure and function together. Also, they are able to observe patients that have had head trauma and/or brain damage that are associated with cognitive problems. This is why neuroscientist are able to locate and use special techniques to identify these areas of the brain and what functions are being hindered. (Cacioppo, 2002).
When it comes to behaviorism it can affect one’s memory, learning and language. Even though we can use scientific methods that are exclusively designed for observing behavior. However, just because we can use the scientific method for studying one’s behavior, but that does not mean that we will be able to explain human language or any other abilities. Since psychology needed to understand all aspects of human nature, but behaviorism does not accommodate this need. (Willingham, 2007).

Information Processing and Metaphor In the beginning of cognitive psychology both the metaphor and information processing of the human mind is powerful. Since the human process information is very similar to information processing and metaphor. When it comes to behaviorism the similarities show that the way one think can be very complex. However, when one is observed by behaviorist they can sometimes be predictable; whereas cognitivist relate the human mind as more of a computer. (Willingham, 2007).
Artificial Intelligence
When it comes to artificial intelligence is much more complex that influences with the scientific process. We can program computers to think and even solve problems, but we can program humans but the strategies are going to be different. Even though the strategies will be different, but still have the same affect. Lastly, with