Four Safety Precautions While Using Solutions

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1. Body mechanics is the way in which the body moves and maintains balance while making the most efficient use of all its parts.
Four reasons why it is important to use good mechanics:
a) Your muscles work better when you are using proper mechanics.
b) It makes pushing, pulling, and lifting much easier.
c) It prevents injury to yourself and to others.
d) It prevents unnecessary fatigue and strain, also saves energy.

2. Four safety precautions while using solutions:
a) Never use solutions from non-labeled bottles.
b) Read all labels at least three times.
c) Avoid solution contact with eyes or skin.
d) Do not mix any solutions together unless instructed to do so.

3. Three things that must be done before performing any procedure on a patient:
a) Knock before entering.
b) Identify yourself.
c) Identify patient.

4. Four checkpoints before leaving a patient:
a) Ensure patient is in a comfortable position.
b) If indicated, make sure side rails are elevated.
c) Bed is at the lowest level to the floor.
d) All call signals and supplies are within easy reach.

5. RACE stands for Rescue anyone in immediate danger. Activate the alarm, give location and type of fire. Confine the fire, close windows and doors to prevent drafts, shut off electrical equipment and oxygen if your safety is not in danger. Extinguish the fire, if the fire is small, contained and you are not in danger.

6. Four main types of fire extinguishers, what they contain, and type of fire most effective for: