Four Styles Of Project Management Essay

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Through these considerations it was possible to identify four styles of project management leadership based on parameters four to six (Table 1) (Turner & Muller, 2005:51). Table 1: Four styles of project manager (Keegan & Den Hartog, 2004:612)

The contingency School
These theories adapt that what makes an effective leader depends on the situation. The pattern it follows consists of: first assessing characteristics of the leader, second assessing the situation concerning key variables and lastly seeking a match between leader and situation. Path-goal theory has deemed popular in contingency school and was created by Fiedler, according to Vlok (2012). This entails the leader assisting the team to discover the course to their goals while helping them in the process. It represents four leadership styles:
• Directive leaders
• Supportive leaders
• Participative leaders
• Achievement-orientated leaders
These are then further matched to either environmental
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These leaders are aware of how they think and act and are true to themselves, and they are conscious of how they are perceived by others. Self-awareness and awareness of others are the recurring theme within authentic leadership. Authentic leaders are clear about their own values and moral perspectives, knowledge and strengths and are equally aware of these attributes within others. They are confident, hold a positive view of the future, are resilient and are perceived by others to be of high moral character and place a high importance on the development of employees as leaders. According to Waite etc (2013:486), Wrong and Cummings, have highlighted four underlying components of authentic leadership: (a) self-awareness, (b) unbiased balanced information processing, (c) authentic behaviour or action, and (d) relational