Essay about Four Types of Organisational Structure

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I. Introduction 3

II. Functional Structure 4-6

III. Geographical Structure 7-9

IV. Product Structure 10-12

V. Matrix Structure 13-15

VI. Conclusion 16

VII. References 17


Organisational is a key element in a process of management. It is a system of structural relationship, all the way through which people under the path of managers, track their general goals. Members of an organisation require steady, perceptive structure within which they can work together toward organisational objectives. Organising is therefore the method by which an organisation
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The top managers might disrupted by solving a daily problems and may loss focus on long term strategic issues, resulting in long term strategic direction.


Sample Organisation Chart of Geographical Structure.

Source: SIA Cargo Pte Ltd

Geographical organisation structure is usually used by big firms whose operations are spread out over a large geographical area, for instance, multinational companies which market their service worldwide. Hotel, retail, food and transportation are among the industries which is widely using the geographical structure in their management. The whole organisation will lead by a president and one person will be responsible for an each particular region. According to above SIA Cargo chart, business units were set up at six different geographic locations and each regional branch head by Regional Vice President. The branch Vice Presidents will report to Senior Vice President. The expansion of business units can be local, national or international. In geographical structure, the organisation stick on company strategies and values although operates individually. It operates as its own unit based on where it located.

In this structure, each personnel from various departments have prospect to work together. Working as a group will form a strong teamwork effort