Essay on Four Yogas

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Alexander Vennes


Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga are all based off the Sanskrit scripture of
Bhagavad Gita. Raja Yoga differs from them by basing it’s teachings through the Yoga Sutras of
Patanjali. All of these Yoga as practice of discipline to gain realization of the self.
Jnana Yoga is a practice of Hinduism that is focused on knowing one’s body to find and understand one’s soul. It seems to be the simplest form of the Yogas. Other Yogas focus on understanding reality; Jnana Yoga merely settles for knowing what reality is. The whole point of
Jnana Yoga is to know one’s self and to achieve true knowing one must know their body and soul. Bhakti Yoga is a practice of Hinduism that is focused on devoting one’s self to a god and loving this god, believing in this god, and completely giving one’s self to this god. Bhakti Yoga doesn’t stress the importance of achieving more difficult feat of Yoga. It focuses on forming a relationship between one’s self and a god, as a friend­friend relationship. In it one listens to scriptures, serves and worships a god though paying homage to the god, and it even includes group singing.
Karma Yoga is a practice of Hinduism that is focused on attain perfection through action
(Yoga). It is based on a symbiotic relationship between man and nature and teaches tranquility.
Karma Yoga practices the Karma, acting on what’s right not on what one hopes to require through their actions. It teaches one to negate their likes and dislikes and their desires. It is