Foxtel and Foxtel Company Website Essay

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SWOT Diagram:

FOXTEL is Australia's leading subscription television provider and is connected to 1.63 million subscribing households located in Australia´s major cities providing a variety of 200 channels1. Analyzing the company´s external just as internal environment, we will make use of the SWOT analysis illustrating the impact these factors will have on the company’s future position in the market/industry.

For this report, the FOXTEL company website just as the AUSTAR company website both served as major sources. The access to information was as such slightly difficult as presently the media´s primary concern is FOXTEL´s potential takeover of competitor AUSTAR.

Future implications:
FOXTEL´s strength lies in its innovative strategy as it is constantly evolving and looking for new technology. Being the only transmitter of HD broadcasting puts them in an advantageous position towards their competitors, thus the company should keep their focus on developing, enhancing and differentiating its product and services. FOXTEL´s sport channels are one of the most demanded programs offered by the pay-TV-provider; hence attempts should be made to acquire further transmission permission for sport events. However the company targets mainly major cities, whereas Australia’s regional areas are provided by competitor AUSTAR2. Regarding the future, FOXTEL should keep its central targeting but additionally utilize its alliance with Telstra to expand geographically into rural areas where Telstra is already set up. Increasing staff just as expanding advertisement across the country are key tools in order to reach a wider area of transmission and increase the customer base. A takeover of competitor AUSTAR3 would open up new possibilities and facilitate the