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Summary Stress is a term we all are aware of, and it is experienced by people in their different workplaces. Stress in the workplace is detrimental to human health and organization when it comes to productivity, performance standards and job satisfaction. Organizations whose workers are stressed are likely to be successful in a competitive market. Workers who are stressed are more likely to be unhealthy, poorly motivated, less productive and less safe at work. Stress can be destructive in a way that, after reaching a certain point, the performance of the employees begins to reduce also which prevents fulfillment of work and various assignments. The following are the causes of stress in the workplace; Exhaustion (weakens the employees mentally and physically), moral injury (destructive of self-esteem of employees or lack of confidence in their abilities, discrimination), illness of the employees (feeling of irritation, uncertainty, guilt or mistrust), violence (damage to the property of the employees or organization), long hours, lack of rewards or incentives by the managers and managers lackadaisical attitude to employees.

Stress can be brought to a minimal level; to prevent stress, we have to identify, know the causes and prevent it. The reduction or elimination of stress are the employee’s participation in the management, improvement of communication skills of managers, adequate training should be given to employees in other to prevent negligence of training which can harm a third party in the organization, the possibility of relaxation, social support (interaction and relationships that provide basic needs of workers), schedule your day for energy and focus, positive attitude, eat and sleep well, act rather than react and take a deep breath.

Summary i
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Introduction 1
Definition of Stress
Causes of Stress
Prevention of Stress

Stress in the Workplace
Stress is what we see in our everyday lives. It is a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint or demand related to what he or she desires and for which is the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important. The organizations have been helpful, but not so much in related to stress because individuals are internally and externally affected by stress which in return can be dangerous to their health if not well prevented or taken care of. It also affects employee’s mental ability or cognitive ability that says a lot in the long run of the delivery of our work in the organization. Some of the internal factors are;
Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem or motivation
Some of the external factors that relates to the causes of stress are;
Working overload and tight timelines-This is poor quality of management, autocratic leaders, insecurity and inadequate power of official duties in the workplace.
Organizational change- This requires skills of the employees to quickly adapt to new conditions.
Role of conflict and ambiguity- This is when an employee is not sure of the job descriptions and correctness of their actions.
My questionnaire will indicate the type of stress employee’s experience. Definition of stress
There are a lot of relevant scientific and journalistic articles that examine organizational behavior in general. Recently, the stress that gets