Fracking Pros And Cons

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Fracking Some of the people of The United State have become concerned about fracking. They have every right to be worried about fracking. Several people do not know what fracking is, that it has effects on the environment, and that it has many cons. Numerous people have heard of fracking or hydraulic fracking; however, many of them do not know what is involved with fracking. Fracking allows companies to extract oil and gas from rock by using the combination of fracturing and horizontal drilling. To crack the rock companies, use a mixture of extremely pressurized water that is mixed with sand, or a similar substance, and chemicals. The sand props open the fissure to allow any trapped oil or gas to seep to the surface. To keep the sand from compromising the oil or gas, the chemicals hold the sand in place (Mumby 199). Even though there are some benefits to fracking, several people are concerned with effects that it has on the environment. Some of the major environmental effects are air pollution, competition with renewable energy, and the stress that it puts on the local community. The stresses that fracking place onto the local community are habitat destruction, traffic congestion, and noise …show more content…
To reach the gas and oil through fracking deep in the earth’s crust copious amounts of water is used and is contaminated. Despite getting the oil and gas only about 30%-50% of the fracking fluid is recovered and disposed of properly, and the remaining amount is free to pollute water and land. Also, the wastewater that is recovered contains harmful chemicals that can be released into the air during the treatment process. Once the vaper comes into contact with exhaust from the vehicles at the well site, a highly toxic gas which is called “ground level ozone” can reach up to 250 miles in the air