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Fran Hayden is in the final year of her Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree at the University of Waikato, who has been offered the position of Assistant Cost Accounts at Dairy Engineering (NZ) Ltd, Hamilton. The company manufactures equipment for the dairy industry. The head office of this company is organized into two sections, Cost Accounting and Management Information Services (MIS).
To Fran’s disappointment she was not welcomed at the company. Even worse she discovered that there was no vacancy for her in Cost accounting instead she had been assigned to management information systems (MIS). Peter Bruton is her new boss and Mike, Tom and Adrian are her colleagues. Her first assignment was the compilation of the monthly Management Report known as “Big Brother”. Fran found that her part was almost entirely
One day the Chief Accountant called Fran to his office to tell her about an upcoming management workshop in Auckland on Performance Measurement. Rob suggested Fran to attend the workshop. Unfortunately her boss was away on two weeks leave at the time but Rob said he would talk with Peter.
Fran enjoyed the workshop. She even wrote a detailed report on the workshop for the Chief Accountant. On her return to Hamilton however she found all was far from well. Fran’s boss Peter was furious on Fran for going to the workshop without any prior intimation to him. He also attacked her verbally. The Chief Accountant on listening to her complaint advised her for a