France and France Francois Hollande Essay

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Why Hollande? If I was voting in the up coming election in France Francois Hollande would have my vote. His ideas on immigration are the most reasonable and forward thinking. These people that want to come to France are not hurting the economy and its not taking away from the French coulture. Hollande is the most liberal in the up coming elections. Le Pen is very conservative and doesn't want anybody to live in france thats not truly french. She is on the verge of racism and doest allow others into the country out of hate. Sarkozy is similar to Le Pen but she is less extreme. As Le Pen has fallen out of the election he will start to move a little closer towards where Le Pens Voters were. Sarkozy has some pretty extreme ideas about keeping the French people French. He is trying to stay in the past and try and keep the culture the same way it has been for centuries. Diversity is an important part of having a successful country. The different types of people bring different ideas and their different cultures add more ideas. With Sarkozy and Le Pen you are creating a closed minded country of arrogant French people. Then comes the question of what are you going to do with all the people that have already immigrated into the country? Are you going to kick the to the curb and make them start there lives over? It also is discriminating against people just because of were they were born and not basing anything on the person. Its not fair because they can not