France: Investment and Investment Promotion Agency Essay

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Life expectancy at birth, total (years)

Water sources:


66.03 million
$2.806 trillion
GDP growth

List of economies in semiannual database:

The Group of 7 (G7) is a group consisting of the finance ministers and central bank governors of seven major advanced economies as reported by the International Monetary Fund: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States meeting to discuss primarily economic issues.
According to Scharpley (2002) during the neoliberalism the foreign investment are encouraged. According to trading economics Foreign Direct Investment in France increased to 560 EUR Million in April of 2014 from -144 EUR Million in March of 2014.
According to a report by the country's investment promotion agency, France was the fifth most popular global destination country for FDI in 2012.
France was one of the top global destinations for inward crossborder investments in 2012, according to Invest in France, the country’s investment promotion agency. The agency reported that in 2012, France was the fifth most popular FDI destination worldwide, and the second most popular in Europe behind the UK.
According to World Tourism Organization (2010), 10 (ten) most visited countries by tourist
(stated in order) are France, USA, China, Spain, Italy, England, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia and
Mexico. And 10 (ten) countries with the biggest income from tourism (stated in order) are
USA, Spain, France, China, Italy, Germany, England, Australia, Hong Kong (China) and Turkey
France welcomes foreign investment. France has a stable and reliably safe business climate that attracts investment from around the world. The French government devotes significant resources to attracting foreign investment, through policy incentives, marketing, its overseas trade promotion offices, and investor support mechanisms. France has a well-educated population, excellent universities, and a talented workforce. It has a modern business culture, sophisticated financial markets, strong intellectual property protections, and innovative business leaders. The country is known for its world-class infrastructure, including high-speed passenger rail, maritime ports, extensive roadway networks and public transportation systems, and efficient intermodal connections. 3G/4G telephony is nearly ubiquitous and over 85% of French citizens are connected to the internet with plans underway for nationwide high-speed broadband internet.

France’s tourist trump cards
France has a great deal to offer tourists, ranging from its geography (coastline, town, countryside, mountains) to its attractions and facilities (accommodation, activities, catering). This enables it to develop many dynamic sectors:
- With 55 million skier days sold, France is the world’s top skiing destination
- Business tourism is also a crucial sector for France, with 6,081 events organized in 2011.
- France is positioning itself as a cultural destination, with many international events being hosted there (Marseille Provence 2013, Lille3000), many museums opening (Pompidou Metz, Louvre Lens, Fondation Maeght, the MuCEM in Marseille in June), as well as the new cultural tour A journey to Nantes. Major events generate spin-offs in terms of the economy, society, public relations and regional development. By combining French know-how and individual expertise, it is vital for an effective policy to be created which makes it possible to attract the regular events which countries take turns to host throughout the world, develop the existing events and create new