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Individual Franchise Company Paper The StearClear is Franchise Company which provides driving service for drivers who are drink alcohol beverage. This franchise company provides services based on smart phone application. When customers need StearClear services they turn on the application and put on his or her location and the nearest franchise company is selected automatically by application and they send employees who are located at the nearest place with customers. A team of two drivers will respond to the customer’s GPS location to drive them in their own vehicle. Insured and professional drive teams are managed locally by StearClear franchise owners. This franchise is located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado but not in Oklahoma. And they also provide membership for gather continues customers, they give special membership services such as premium account which save 20% off on standard price, and corporation account which is special pricing for monthly accounts of 5 or more individuals and gift card. Many people who are over age 21 want to enjoy and to reward their life after finish their work, and drinking alcohol is one way to enjoy and reward their life. The Oklahoma City area is too big so it is hard to go to the place where can get alcohol beverages by walk. So, most of people are driving to go to pubs or bars on the city. But, not only driving under drunken is illegal, but also many people being afraid to detected by police and it may bring fatal accidents to driver or other people. That means, many people in the pubs or bars drink and reward themselves with dangerous on near future. If ClearStear franchise launch in Oklahoma City, people can enjoy their drinking under safety circumstances until late night, and this new late night spending patterns will bring better profit than before in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City marketing area will be growing than before. In the Tales of Garcon, the Stephanie who is Garcon’s niece owns a spa franchise and Ramon and his best friend Mark visited there and learned about franchising form on a franchisee’s point of view. Stephanie advised about check points to Ramon that before start franchise business as franchisee. She said potential franchisee must check and make sure the support items from the franchisor such as site selection, lease negotiation, and training. As Stephanie said to Ramon, if new franchise branch launch at Oklahoma City, the potential franchisee must to check about StearClear’s support systems to franchisee. Ramon, in the Tales of Garcon,