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Franchising Opportuniy
Daniel Ulloa
Anytime Fitness Corporation is one of the fastest growing franchises across the world, it has locations that range across the nation to Australia, Canada and quite a few other countries. They have been recognized not only nationally, but also, globally for their advancement and growth. This is an awesome franchise opportunity for me I believe, as I love sports and just being around an environment filled with active people. Being part of a franchise that promotes well being and running one of the locations would be a great privilege as well as very satisfying in the short and long run. Edwardsville proves to be an awesome area to open one of the stores as we have many athletes in the area, as well as many people are always involved in leisure activities of the such. The initial franchise fee varies from store to store depending on the budget and other financials it can be anywhere between $11,000 and $20,000 which is a very reasonable amount I believe. Royalty payments are $419 a month which is pretty good as well as regardless of the business that’s the flat fee you are required to pay a month. The total that you should expect your initial investment to be is anywhere between $40,000 to $300,000 which this all includes, your franchise fees, buildings and equipment you will need in order to open the franchise, as well as insurance costs, supplies, security systems and all the legal and accounting expenses that will occur in…