Franchising Is The Most Common Way To Operate A Business

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Franchising is the most common way to operate a business nowadays. It’s defined as a form of licensing in which a company allows a foreign company to pay it a fee and a share of the profit in return for using the first company’s brand name and a package of materials and services. In fact, catering trade is a good example. Many restaurants have been franchised, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway and so on. Their franchisees are all over the world. Moreover, hotel trade also. Franchises usually offer a particular training for their employees so that the employees can provide professional service to customers. There are some examples of catering trade below. McDonald’s. McDonald’s was founded in 1955, and it also started franchising in 1955. McDonald’s is the largest fast food restaurant of the world. McDonald’s offers a specific kind training for its franchisees employees. It requires these employees to have one week training at headquarters and 12-24 months training at a local McDonald’s restaurant. Its most special program is McDonald’s Hamburger University. Hamburger University provides a training and lifelong learning program to student-employees. Its training consists of restaurant operations procedures as well as service, quality and cleanliness. Hamburger University is also a formal college educational program that helps the student-employees earn college credits, and offers scholarships. Hamburger University teaches in a total of 28 languages to satisfy the student-employees who are from everywhere of the world. 7-Eleven Inc. 7-Eleven is a convenience store which was founded in 1927, and it has been franchising in 1964. As its name, all 7-Eleven stores were open from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. originally; but now, all of them are open 24 hours a day. Today, 7-Eleven Inc. has over 30,000 stores across the United States and around the world. 7-Eleven offers 6 weeks training for the employees at its local training centers. The purpose of the training is to ensure that the employees are able to meet 7-Eleven standards for store level operational execution. The training includes in store experience, excellent communication skills which must be able to clearly communicate with customers, and so on. For example, store level operational training for managers is using appropriate skills to deliver training programs to ensure employees attain competency in the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exemplary customer service and to maximize sales and profitability in their store. Subway. Subway is a submarine sandwich restaurant. It was