Essay on Francia: Mother and James Eriksson Development

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Eriksson Development of Vince Staples

If one examines the case study subject through the filter of theories posed by Erik Eriksson it becomes easy to find the relationship between the turmoil of his chosen lifestyle and the life he was born into. I cannot be sure of how he was able to find the balance between trust and mistrust as a baby but I would infer that it is weighted on the side of mistrust since there must have been constant conflict and inconsistent nurture. However his loyalty to his gang suggests that he is capable of trust at some level. Also he still holds his mom in high regard and has a level of respect for his father so there is a possibility that he soundly resolved this crisis as an infant. Vince’s pursuit of a career in music shows that he is aware of his talents but doesn’t always take such a boastful approach to rap suggests that there is some autonomy, especially since he began later in life and was disinterested in music for the beginning. Also as an only child of a mother that was often gone, he spent a lot of time caring for himself, which could be viewed as evidence of autonomy. I also believe that his near-death at all times mentality may be a result of a humbling or damaging experience. The fact that he decided to move to Atlanta with his sister shows that has the confidence of autonomy to make important life decisions. In his later adolescence he attended a small school in which he excelled and was an A student. This helped build a