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NUR 220 (Older Adult/Gerontology)
York/Seneca/Georgian Collaborative BScN Program
Practicum Progress/MIDTERM Review

Student: Francis Camantigue Agency and Type of Unit: Mackenzie Health – rehab

Student Number: 025-713-132

Number of Hours Offered: _____ Numbers of Hours Missed: ______

Practicum Supervisor: Remya Radhakrishnan
Practicum Supervisor Signature: Student’s Signature:
Date Midterm Review Discussed: March11, 2015 Copy given to student: Yes
Individual Performance
Midterm Evaluation
Learning Outcome #1

Establish caring-healing relationships with culturally diverse clients and their families.
Student Comments: Through my encounter with a Jewish client and their family, I learned to separate the dairy and the meat product when giving them food. As part of healing for the client she was using herbs as part of her treatment. When caring for a woman from India, I learned that she preferred not to eat food that was minced, due to her belief that people that eat minced food tend to be for the sick and she believed she would get worse upon eating minced food.

Supervisor Comments:
Francis initiates relationships by demonstrating respect and being present with clients.
Francis uses own communication styles and also convey messages very clearly in simple sentences.
Francis uses basic communication skills in establishing professional relationships.(Listening, responding and restating).

Learning Outcome #2

Demonstrate clinical decision-making using critical thinking and informed by current evidence and nursing theory.

Student Comments: Through critical thinking and decision making, I was able to promote healing through the environment from Nightingale’s theory. I took part in a pressure ulcer assessment performed by my placement agency and after performing the audit on a client, she had asked for her “friends”. I observed around her room and noticed stuffed animal toys and realized this must have what she was referring to, I proceeded to give her the stuffed toys, deeming it was safe and would promote her healing. She was excited to be reunited with her friends and decided to tell me all their names.

Supervisor Comments:
Francis uses simple tools to guide data collection for assessing individuals and organizing self.
Francis think before act and he is very organized (He arrange all necessary articles before start the procedure Example: bed bath)
Francis respond very quickly for the patient needs.(answer call bell and help the patients)
Francis helps the patient and problem solve in simple situations by recognizing his limitations.
Learning Outcome #3

Demonstrate professional responsibility & accountability in practicum settings.

Student Comments: I encountered with my patient that they were requesting medicine for the pain they had. I had told the client that since this was my first posting, I was not allowed to administer medication but I would pass along the message to the Nurse who was in charge of

Supervisor Comments:
Francis adhere to professional practice guidelines and, CNO standards, policies of the learning institution and clinical agency(e.g. Dress code)
Francis have a positive attitude toward learning, sharing and interacting with others(Do research regarding patient diagnosis and medication)
Francis recognizes on limitation and ask for assistance as necessary.
Francis provides privacy to the patient and maintains the confidentiality.

Learning Outcome #4

Explore the meaning of aging in diverse cultures.

Student Comments: Through my encounter with a Jewish woman and her daughter, I was able to realize that as people age in their culture, they tend to feel me more responsible for those around them. The mother was the one spending time in the hospital due to a recent surgery and her daughter was always there with her. She even slept