Frank Abagnale Informative Speech

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I’m going to tell you about someone who’s story seem more like fiction than fact; a life that spans the globe. About a man who can shed his skin as easy as a lizard. He can be anyone he needs to be and has and has changed his identity more times than you can count. Frank Abagnale was a con man in the last third of the past century. His story is known by more people than they realize. If you’ve seen that modern movie classic “Catch Me if You Can,” then you know what I’m about to say.
Main Points I’ll tell you about his early life. Then, I’ll touch on the highlights of his the beginning of his less than legitimate career. Then, I will tell you why Mr. Abagnale is worth of our attention.
Body I Frank was born in Bronxville, New York. With what he ended up doing you would think that his childhood wasn’t satisfying, but, in fact, his childhood was a happy one (Frank). Until his mom left, that’s when it all changed. He got into some petty crimes but soon got tired of them and moved on to more sophisticated burglary. When one of his scams cost his father too much money, he was sent to a private school for wayward boys (Frank). He didn’t stay long; he skipped out when he turned 16 with only 200 bucks to his name. Using his knowledge of the stationary business he got from his father, he altered his I.D. to make
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This is the pivotal point of his life and in this movie. Frank realized that with the right look and smile, he could get away with a whole lot more. He ended up on a pilot, so he conned his way to a uniform and using his skills at forgery made himself a pilot I.D. and license, “don’t worry, he never actually flew” (Top 10). He learned what he needed from classes and, in my opinion the best way to learn what he needed, from the flight attendants he