Frank Darabont and Important Setting Essay

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Analyse how an important setting was made realistic and believable in a visual text you have studied.
An important setting in the film Shawshank redemption that was made realistic and believable was Andy’s’ arrival to Shawshank prison. Frank Darabont uses visual and verbal techniques to create emphasis to help make this scene more realistic and believable. Frank Darabont was born in a refugee camp in France this is a very interesting note because it is shown through his upbringing it influenced his films this film and others like the green mile which also deals with imprisonment and entrapment.
An extensive helicopter shot of the bus arriving at the prison by using this shot sweeping around the bus it reveals the prison yard behind that is an overwhelming and inescapable hell; this is enforced through the mountain high towers and bleak walls which reduced the humans to insect size mournful music on the sound track reinforces the grim atmosphere. Multiple shots were used to emphasize the prisons intimidating nature two that stood out was a tracking shot along the steel mesh fence and grey wall, And a High angle shot was of heavily armed guards looking down from the walls ,but on the flipside we see green fields and open countryside outside which are all signs of freedom.
The lack of freedom is also apparent firstly in the camera shot of a tilt shot as Andy is looking up at the prison seeing a dark towering building as well as
A Yellow line with chained ankles that shows no freedom illustrates that the men are not free and have to do exactly what told to do hence the yellow line is where you walk the chains are showing that they are not…