Frank Darabont's Shawshank Redemption

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Shawshank Redemption an inspirational drama, directed by Frank Darabont based on the novella written by Stephen King. The movie stars Andy Dufresne who is portrayed by Tim Robbins and narrated by his dear friend Ellis Boyd, Red for short., The film is set in Ohio State Reformatory, where the viewer gets to see Andy, the protagonist of the story for and his challenges within himself also in the environment of the prison. Andy charged with the double murder of his wife and the man cheating with, sentenced to two life terms sent to the jail in 1947. Before he was convicted, he was a successful well-respected banker (vice president of a big bank) and well educated. Andy is around character; he encounters many conflicts within the prison which develop …show more content…
Andy and Red friendship is an important piece of Andy's character, and the friendship shows how two polar opposite people can create a bond. Their bond was a silent type, both did not talk much, but they always seemed to understand each other. Red took Andy under his wing when he arrived at the prison, even if Andy had a reputation for being a snob, but Red did not judge off that. Red got to see the true kindness and great man he was which gave him hope because even though Andy was in prison, he still had his act together. Days before Andy escaped, he told Red a spot where he hid something but never said what it was so he would not give up hope which shows how caring Andy was. When Red finally did get released, he went to the spot breaking his parole rules and found cash and a written letter from Andy asking him to come down to Mexico to live with him. Their bond showed people that even in the darkest places if some had a friend like Andy, it is not hopeless. Andy did not get the happy relationships like Red, but he had to deal with Samuel, a man that only believed in two things the Bible and discipline. He mistreated many inmates and took advantage of his power; it is not surprising that he did with Andy after he found out Andy could do the taxes for all