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jon doe
Mrs. Lightsey
AP English Literature
October 31, 2011

Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein

Though Frankenstein was first viewed as a horrific story of a deformed creature, created by a mad scientist, it has been remade into various different versions, including the all famous comedy Young Frankenstein. Most seniors in high school read Mary Shelley’s most famous novel, however, not all watch this phenomenal movie. Many might ask what exactly about watching this movie is educational. Within the movie are many significant points brought up, some directly mimicking the book, and then some mocking it. All enlighten students to dive deeper into Frankenstein. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is deep and dark book, showing just how harsh humanity can be. We as readers go through a series of emotions in regards to the Creature, beginning with uncertainty, moving to compassion, and then even the occasional fear. In Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, he takes the Creature and his story and makes it more comical. Though viewers still feel compassion, the fear is no longer truly there. Viewers are introduced to a different point of view of the classic. There are many differences between the movie and novel, and it is these differences that people who have read the novel are able to pick up on. There are also qualities of the movie that bring the viewer in more than the book, such as the music in the background. In the beginning of the movie, there is an eerie tune playing the background as Dr. Frankenstein is standing at the train station waiting for Igor. There are also other scenes that have quite but haunting music playing in the background and it adds to effects and meaning of the story. Another quality that I believe enhances the movie is the fact that it is in black and white, rather than color. Color would take away from some of the affects and shadowing. With it being black and white, it appears older and we can tie that to the fact the Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818. In Young Frankenstein, one of the biggest differences is that the Creature finds a mate, of sorts. In the novel, the Creature asks Dr. Frankenstein to make him a mate and in return, he would disappear. Frankenstein hesitantly agrees, however, as he was making the would-be bride, he realizes what he is doing, and destroys her. This causes the Creature to go mad and begin killing. Mel Brooks takes a different twist on this portion. Rather than having the Creature ask Frankenstein to make him a mate, he falls in love with Frankenstein’s fiancé and she seems to be quite partial to him. In the end, it shows them married and as happy as can be. Another large difference would be how Dr.…