Frankenstein and Henry Clerval Essay

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Mary Shelley writes the book Frankenstein, she writes about a man and his creation. In the writing she explains how the man is afraid of his creation. If you create something or someone, should you not be afraid of it? Can you (being the creator) run away from your creation and show hate towards it? In Mary Shelley’s writing, do the characters: The Monster, Victor Frankenstein and Henry Clerval have their life’s set after the Monster was born? Can hate really ruin a persons life? Or were their life’s already set for disaster. In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein created The Monster. From the moment the monster woken all he knew was fear and loneness. When Victor Frankenstein first saw the monster he ran out of the room and left the monster alone “…breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room and continued a long time traversing my bed-chamber, unable to compose my mind to sleep” (Shelley 59). How can the monster know what to do in the world if the first person, which is his creator, runs away from him? The monster learned his ways not from his creator, but from the cruel world that he observed. Being born “ugly” or “horrifying to look at” and having people run away from you, will automatically makes anyone see the world as a hateful place and that is what the monster saw and felt.
Victor Frankenstein was obsessed with the creation of life and its secrets. While creating the monster, he douted his abilities to what he could actually do. When the monster was “born” he wasn’t able to prepare himself for what he created. If he was confident in his works, he would have been able to take on the monster, but because of his poor handling of the monsters creation, a sad domino effect of revenge and hate was set into motion that caused the life long rivalry between the Dr. and the Monster. With the Monster only knowing Victor Frankenstein and knowing him through hate because Victor was scared of his own creation, why should the monster not ruin Victors life, because Victor already ruined the Monster’s life. Victor’s little brother William was murdered, and Victor knew that no man could have murdered his brother “…. Nothing in human shape could have destroyed the fair child. He was the murderer! I could not doubt it. The mere presence of the idea was an irresistible proof of the fact. I thought of pursuing the devil” (Shelley 83). Due to the guilt from keeping the Monster a secret, the Dr’s heart is filled with hate, which causes the ensuing manhunt and demise of both characters. Henry Clerval was a good friend of the Victor Frankenstein. Henry knew about the Monster that