Essay about Frankenstein and Victor

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If I were to change the ending of the book, I would make it something no one would have seen coming and left people on a cliff hanger. As Frankenstein is finishing his story on the boat, instead of dying, he would get up and look out the window. A noise heard in the background would indicate the monster is nearby. Frankenstein would rush over to a large cabinet and open it. A surplus of guns mounted to the wall would appear. He’d choose a large sniper with a scope, almost as big as him. As he walked outside, he would see a figure in the distance, knowing exactly who it was, would take aim through the scope and fire. The figure lets out a harrowing scream and slunk down into the snow far in the distance. Frankenstein, rushing over to claim his kill is filled with bewilderment and excitement. When he gets to the body he sees that it is in fact the monster and realizes his life long journey to slay the beast is over. A gunshot is heard in the distance and Frankenstein perks his head up to maybe see what it might have been and where it might have come from. He hears another one as a bullet comes streaming in, hitting him and ending Frankenstein’s life. On top of a mountain stand three figures, eight feet tall. All dressed in heavy down coats and one holds a rifle similar to the deceased scientist. They make their way down the hill and stop to commemorate a fallen friend. A friend Frankenstein had hunted for years. I would change it because my ending is a double plot twist in one and the audiences would not be able to comprehend what’s going on or taking place. It would leave them astonished.

Feeling at beginning Vs. Feeling during end
The main feeling I had during the beginning of the book was empathy for the monster. I felt bad that he was created for all the wrong reasons. Victor created him solely as an experiment and had no intentions or idea on what he would do after he created a living person. I also felt bad that he didn’t have a mate to share his life with. The monster had to live his life with no one else like him. He had to spend it alone and without love. The monster was also not intelligent. He was never taught how to read and write. He had no family that could show him what love was. He just wanted to be destroyed because of how bad his life was. I was also felt badly for Dr. Frankenstein. He was so smart that he created a monster that did him no good. He abandoned him. At the end of the book I felt really terrible for Frankenstein. He lost everyone that he loved because of a monster he shouldn’t have created in the first place. The monster went crazy and killed everyone that he knew was close to his creator. I felt bad for Victor because he lost everyone, but deep down I knew it was all his fault. He could’ve prevented all the bad things the monster did in many ways. He could’ve raised it and taught it like a parent, he could’ve made the monster a mate, or he could’ve just not created the monster in the first place.

Who tells the story?
Dr. Frankenstein narrates the story in which he is the main character. He is also the person who created this monster and caused all the horrible things to happen. Dr. Frankenstein was a genius who created a human being. He was too smart for his own good though and created a monster that later ruins his life. He narrates and tells the story on a ship to a bunch of people who see him being exhausted while chasing after the monster he made. The way he tells the story affects the way that the audience views the story. He tells the story in a way that shows how people should be sympathetic to him and not to the monster that he knowingly created. Us as the audience feel bad for him that his whole family was murdered and he is now alone without anyone. At the end of telling the story Victor dies and the monster lives on. The story would have been better I think if the monster and the doctor told the story. We then would have been able to see both