Frankenstein Book Vs Movie Analysis

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The movie Frankenstein was released in 1931 under the direction of James Whale. Frankenstein was one of the first ever horror films made, and it is apparent how the films have evolved today. In the movie Henry Frankenstein is able to create a creature that is later known as Frankenstein. Eventually the creature causes harm to the people Henry is closest to, also other people in the Bavarian countryside. In this paper we will discuss the background information and director of this film, an aspect of film making, an important scene from the film, comparing the book to the film, and lastly the overall review for the film.

James Whale was an English film director. Universal studios decided to sign Whale onto a 5 year contract during the year of 1931. After a successful Broadway production the chief of Universal Carl Laemmle, Jr offered Whale any property that Universal Studios owned and that is when James Whale decided to film the movie Frankenstein. Whale is remembered for four of his classic horror films, which include Frankenstein, The Old Dark House, The Invisible Man, and Bride of
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In the novel there was no abnormal brain that Henry's assistant stole, rather in the novel the creature turned out to be just what Frankenstein intended "The Original Frankenstein." Also the novel featured the creature killing most of the Frankenstein family, unlike the film where they do not go into detail with Frankenstein's vengeance on Henrys family as it is explained thoroughly in the novel. Now, some similarities between the novel and the film in both it is found to be that Henry successfully brings his creation to life. Also, it is found to be that Henrys fiancé Elizabeth is concerned about his health and the amount of time he spends in the laboratory (Florman 1). Despite the similarities and differences between the novel and the film it is apparent that they both have an impact in the same