Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Although ambition is encouraged in society, it can sometimes lead to failure. Occasionally individuals focus on one idea and have a difficult time considering other options. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the protagonist, Victor Frankenstein is blinded by his ambition to successfully reanimate life and achieving recognition in the field of science, which eventually leads to his downfall. The novel and the film both portray how blind ambition leads to destruction of the individual; however the novel is superior in displaying this through its use of imagery, the inclusion of more scenes and the reader’s ability to relate with the characters. While the novel is detailed and readers can more easily distinguish blind ambition leading to destruction …show more content…
There are several passages in the novel that uses descriptive language to describe Victor's journey, when he describes how he feels when the monster breathes life in his laboratory, “... but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” (Shelley 59). This scene paints the image of how he realizes his ambition of recreating life has led him blindly to his goal. Although the visual effects of the movie is appealing, Mary Shelley’s use of descriptive language gives a much more colourful image for the reader, which reinforces the portrayal of the theme of how blind ambition can lead individuals to fail in the novel. Furthermore, the film does not achieve the same success in showing the theme of blind ambition because of the nature of films and how they lack descriptive passages which come naturally through thoughts of the protagonist in first person novels. Throughout the book, the protagonist's thoughts are made known to the reader and shows how deeply regretful he is of pursuing his ambition. This is important because it is less clear in the movie why Victor followed through with his actions than the book implicitly stating Victor's ambition. Therefore, the movie is less effective at portraying the theme through the different scenes compared to the passages written in the