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In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, adapted by Philip Pullman, the main character Frankenstein faces a problem that he cannot control his reaction. This problem and the way he respinds to it helped me understand the idea that it is damgerous to play god. Throughout the text Frankenstein plays god by creating the monster nut ultimately becomes the victim when he can no longer control his creation.
A problem faced by Frankenstein in the story is that thinking of himself as playing as god. God is unique and nobody else can substitute him. When one person thinks he is a replica of god then he has failed miserably. There is no solution for the false data that has already been the input of his creation. For example Clerval says “ Frankenstein, what have you created? This is pure evil, Frankenstein-“ . This shows that the monster which is being created is absoultely evil and wicked. This cruelty creation is a stunning record because it is a murderer. Frankenstein seemed to lose control over his creation. The end product was fabulous but failed to obey the monster in all aspects.
Secondly, the problem faced by Frankenstein in the play was that his brother was attacked by the monster. The love that he had for his brother was just shattered in a moment by his own creation. All the future plans along with his brother could not be proceeded because the hope was lost. For example Frankenstein says “ Oh, dear god, this is my doing! I know who did this- why did ever I start this cursed thing?” this shows that his brother William became a victim of Frankenstein’s creation. The creator calls his own handywork as a cursed thing and not a blessed one. It was made to destroy and kill a life rather than to help someone live the best of thie life.
Thirdly, another problem faced by Frankenstein was his intellectual thinking which failed to produce a bride for the monster. He did not realise the feeling of the Monster could have developed after seeing Elizabeth or Clerval. The problem started when he never put himself in to the marital shoes of the monster. For example the monster says “ when I found out what pain was really like. All alone in the icy mountains, weeping, crying with rage and loneliness.” This problem shows us that Frankenstein began to feel emotionally very upset as he failed to even think of creating a bride for the monster. The beautiful bride had to be created in the same likeness of the bride again. The monster will kill Frankenstein if he does not create a bride.
Another problem Frankenstein was