Frankenstein Literary Techniques

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Throughout Frankenstein, Shelley utilizes various literary techniques in order to enhance the novel in different aspects . Instead of simply writing a novel about a large ugly monster that ravages humanity, Shelley develops a clever plot by adding in different roles, themes and character traits. Similarly, Shelley uses literary devices, as a means of making the story appealing to the reader.
A frequently used literary device is foreshadowing as a means of helping the reader understand the plot. For example when Walton reflects on his lack of companionship at the beginning of the novel, Shelley suggests that Walton will receive a friend more desolate than himself. Walton suggests that he “has no friend” and that when he “is glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate his joy” (Shelley, 4). Although Walton States that he is alone and no one will come to support him, he reveals to the reader that someone will come to end his pain and sorrow as a reader at the beginning of the book I was very confused as if Walton was the man that created the monster and Frankenstein the monster he created. However, as I continued on reading the novel I realized by Shelley helps the reader understand his feelings and what he is going through which adds suspense to the story.
While she uses forshawdoing she always uses imagery to give the audience a detailed vision, Shelley also uses imagery she also uses them as a method of describing the character’s feelings. For example, when