Frankenstein: Human and Life Essay

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Frankenstein Essay When a baby is born, they are born with a pure and untainted mind; they have no knowledge, concerns, or worries. The only thing that is important is to satisfy the foremost necessities of life. Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, demonstrates how having an infatuated desire for consuming more knowledge can devastate a person's life. Victor Frankenstein was a scientist who created a monster and brought it to life through extensive knowledge of science. This creation turned out to be the motive of why Victor loses everything that is vital to him. The monster awakened knowing absolutely nothing. The monster became fixated on human nature and its’ languages, which engrossed him into learning as much as he could as life progressed. The monster had no source of knowledge of what life is when it was created; similar to a new born baby. It could not speak nor comprehend many things in the world, yet Victor did absolutely nothing except reject his own creation upon finishing it. This would only cause the chain reaction that would ultimately change Victor's life forever. Having no knowledge or feelings of companionship, the monster had no choice but to escape from the towns into the wilderness. Due to his anomalous appearance, every human that came into contact with him was fearful. This mandated him to live a solitary life out of the view of all human beings. Furthermore, because the monster had no contact to the outside world, he had to obtain his knowledge elsewhere. Although the monster had learned many things about the human species, he was still rejected by them. The only thing that the monster had ever desired was to be accepted by the human society rather than being seen as a monster. One of the numerous necessities of life comprised of companionship; unfortunately, the monster was never able to obtain this particular essential. Victor, on the other hand, had a happy childhood encircled by loved ones. As a child, isolation was unknown to him. After Victor's mother died, he became disbursed with unraveling the mysteries of life. He felt that if he could unravel the mysteries of life, he could feasibly revive his mother from death. By creating this monster, Victor had created a problem in his own life that he underrated. Victor's act of selfishness led the monster to lead a solitary life and become keen with the idea of finding a place to belong. Due to Victor’s time being consumed on unraveling the mysteries of life, it caused him to forget about the pleasures of life, family and friends. Once his creation comes to life, the only thing that the monster wishes for is a family and companionship. Victor had forgotten about these wonders in life. As the monster acquires more knowledge about society, he murders Victor's brother and frames it on Justine out of desperation. The monster eventually confesses to Victor about what he has done, he asks Victor to make him a woman companion that is equally unattractive. The monster really has no alternative but to ask Victor this because every human is afraid of him. He is an outcast because of the way that he looks, with no chance of any sort of interaction with humans. While the monster was asking this favor of Victor, it is obvious that Victor understands that his creation is not just a reanimated body, but a living person with needs and desires. After the monster had asked Victor to make him a mate, Victor eventually ends up agreeing to do it after seeing that he is to blame for the whole mess in the first place. Victor sees that the monster's acts were committed out of desperation caused by loneliness. After Victor