Frankenstein: Kill and Monster Essay

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The Vengeance of the monster was very brutal. There are many reasons people are vengeful some to prove a point to others or because they feel betrayed. In this story the monster kills to prove his point. The monster kills William and Justine, starts killing Dr.Frankensteins friends and then kills Mr. and Mrs.Frankenstein.This Shows that the monster carried out his vengeance by murdering people when he doesn’t get his way
The monster kills Dr. Frankenstein’s friends and family. The monster decides to start killing off Dr. Frankenstein’s family to show him how it felt to lonely since the monster knew how it felt because he was never accepted .Since the Monster has no one to care about him, he will take away people who care about Dr. Frankenstein. The monster kills Dr. Frankenstein’s brother out of vengeance. This proves that the monster does terrible vengeful things.
The Monster kills William by accidentally chocking him to death. Then the monster frames Justine for William’s death. Justine is then hung for the murder of William. If the monster would’ve never killed William then Justine would still be alive, this also starts his killing streak.The monster kills to take away the things that Dr.Frankenstein loves to show him what its like to be lonely. To me this proves that the monster is underhanded and sneaky because he plants the evidence on someone else and actually gets away with it.
The monster’s next act of vengeance is when the monster kills Elizabeth her wedding day. The monster has already killed Dr.Frankenstein’s Bestfriend Henry Clerva lAfter the monster kills Elizabeth,