Essay on Frankenstein Literary History

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We are going to create a FrankenWiki –a resource folder related to Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. You will locate and save articles about topics related to Frankenstein. So what topics could or should be covered?
You will share your presentation and handout through Googledrive. Make the presentation as interactive as possible. You can include some external links, but the work must represent your own efforts first and foremost.
Consult the revised rubric for more details. You must collect information from at least 7 quality sources. Copy the document into a folder that you create inside of the Class folder. The articles, handout, and presentation must be uploaded no later than Tuesday, December 9. This assignment will be 20% of your semester grade. The novel itself should be one of your sources. Create a Works Cited for your sources as a separate document--this should not be part of your presentation.
NEW Added 11/20/2014: You must also submit your handout and presentation through
I will make sure that you have access to the system in class today.
Intertextual connections and Frankenstein (Paradise Lost, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Tintern Abbey)
Mythology connections and Frankenstein
Allusions in Frankenstein
Literary history connections and Frankenstein
Literary theory and Frankenstein
Science and Frankenstein (examples: “test tube babies” / IVF; cloning, genetic engineering—food, people, animals)
Romanticism and the Gothic genre and Frankenstein
Women writers of