Frankenstein: Mary Shelley and Creature Essay

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25 May 2013
English 101
Final Exam: Frankenstein: Option 1
Robert Walton’s story shares many commonalities with that of Victor’s. He is an exploratory man by nature, on an adventure to the North Pole to find a new discovery. Unfortunately, his ship gets trapped in some ice and his men are worried they will not make it and die. He is ripped between his longing to make a new discovery and for caring for the welfare of other people, exactly what Victor goes through. They both feel the same loneliness that the creature feels. He just like Victor also is always writing to his sister. Robert He wishes a partner above all else, a buddy with whom he can share discussions with. His excitement at having Victor appear on his vessel indicates his wish for a friend, as does his terrible frustration when Victor passes away. In this way Robert is a trustworthy narrator because he too understands the loneliness felt by Victor and the creature as well as Victor's drive of adventure and discovery.
After Victor creates and shuns his creation, the creature turned to killing all of Frankenstein's loved ons. The creature strangles his younger brother William, his best friend Henry, and his beloved Elizabeth, as well as framing Justine for the killing of William. In this way Victor feels accountable for these dreadful functions of the creature. Therefore, Victor carries so much shame that it becomes debilitating through out the novel. From what I understand of Mary Shelley's life she felt guilty for the death of her husband Percy's first wife since their relationship began out of an affair. She had desired to make a beautiful life with Percy, but her own actions had tainted that dream. For the rest of her life she felt guilt and shame for the loss of a life due to her own lack of judgement and compassion.
Justine’s is framed for the murder of William by the creature represents an important turning point for the creature. Up until then he had never wanted to bring harm to others, or to make innocent people go through the injustices he experienced. The creature realizes by seeing her beauty that she too would be repulsed by him and that she would be another beautiful thing he could not have. Although, she is something beautiful that he can obliterate. So that act along with the killing of William ends the creature's lack of action to what he feels by the treatment of others. Justine represents justice, and Victor is repulsed at her trial remarking that the trial is a mockery of justice. Mary Shelly was speaking against the Patriarchal and individualistic society in place and felt the only solution out of that injustice to creation was through cooperation and sympathy that she felt be women in her family.
The shift to the creature's perspective is meant for you to feel nothing but compassion for the unjust treatment of the creature. You feel nothing but empathy for him as he longs for love, warmth and friendship. As he is continuously