Frankenstein: Monster Essay

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 It is by fate rather than fortune that Victor Frankenstein so young in age is mentally scarred by the death of his mother forever resulting to a rapid imagination of a monster. For the sake of his own sanity, Victor expands his passion of knowledge by creating a monster within.
 He secretly reveals himself as the monster by proclaiming self-accusations.
• “my own spirit let loose from the grave” (78).
• “I called myself the murder..” (181)
• “I murdered her.” (189)
• (P 145)- explain why the monster would take the locket that has a picture of his brother.
 Presents evidence of guilt toward his father, he has no reason to say such things and put himself down by tragic … Killed William (younger brother, jealousy), Frames Justine (Caroline’s favorite also regrets him when he had feelings for her), Kills Clerval (jealousy, because this is what Victor could’ve been), Kills Elizabeth (he’s expected to marry her, “sister”, blames her for his mother’s death).
 He does not seek to have a romantic passion for Elizabeth but views her as the corpse of his own mother. The monster threatens Victor but it doesn’t make sense that Victor believes to that the threat is toward Elizabeth.
• “Sometimes I thought that the fiend followed me, and might expedite my remises by murdering my companion” (167).
• “I will be with you on your wedding-night” (173).
 Gives off that he would murder his own wife but if one was given a hint of harm during their wedding night, why would one