Frankenstein: Nature versus Nurture and Gothic Romantic Novella Essay

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Composers use popular mediums that correspond to their social, economic and historical framework to reflect those who challenge society and the world around them. Mary Shelley’s gothic romantic novella, Frankenstein (1818) deals with the love for the natural world and the traditions in society. In conjunction, Ridley Scott’s science fiction film Blade Runner (1992) is about commercial dominance, a controlled world that reflects the issues of misused technology and the abuse of humanity. Both authors employ techniques to help portray how human values were reflected at the time through nature versus nurture, Promethean obsession and monstrosity.

In both texts, neither creature were created monsters, rather it was the lack of compassion shown by the creator that brought destruction out. Shelley uses the issue nature versus nurture to reflect how Victor Frankenstein’s ‘monster’ was reborn and at peace. Though Victor’s mistreatment of love and nurture towards his creation due to his external appearance shaped the creature’s perception of society at the time. Even though the creature committed unforgivable crimes of death and torture, by following his story a feeling of sympathy and compassion is felt towards the monster, as he desired the same as any human- love and acceptance by others. But it is when, he is excluded and rejected by not only his creator but the De Lacey family, who he called ‘protectors’ was distinguished out after seeing his hideous looking appearance. ‘Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live? Why in that instant did I don’t extinguish the spark of existence which you had wontedly bestowed”? The monster heart stung as he fled whilst reading his creators journal, which featured horrific terms towards him.