Frankenstein psyche Essay

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What kind of person we are and who we become is based primarily on environmental and cultural influences, like how we are treated by people and what the people around us are like. Genetics make up just a small part of who we are, while the rest is left to the environment. Parents play a huge role in the development of their children, and who their children become, regardless of whether they’re the biological parents or not. If one is constantly mistreated by their parents, it affects a person’s psyche and their personality and may lead them to become insecure, violent, or emotionally stunted. While a child who grows up surrounded by a family who loves them, and provides them with support and care has a higher likelihood of becoming an emotionally healthy adult. In Frankensteins’ case, it could be seen that his innate personality was one of sensitivity and benevolence, and someone who could care deeply about others. However, his outward appearance got him labeled as a monster, and caused him to receive disgust and be mistreated and get beat by his own creator. Thus this abuse shaped his character and who he was, leading him to kill.

When a person is alienated by their culture, or rejected and abandoned by those who are supposed to love them the most, it can ruin a person’s self esteem for the rest of their life. Imagine being rejected by the people who brought you into this world, it would make a person feel as if they could never be loved by anyone, the most supreme