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Acceptance in society can drive one mad to prove themselves and others that they belong with the crowd. In essence, this grief may counteract and heal them but it is up to themselves to realize whether one is born to fit in or stand out. In the creature’s case in Frankenstein, it is a bit different. The creature realizes his place in society by empirical knowledge and understanding that what he observes is in others is correct, and what he does and is wrong and ultimately ends up despising himself and from trying to love humanity, he takes revenge. The creature is profoundly only a child, he may be a physically big, and his daunting features doesn’t help to make others realize he truly needs love and care. The humans drive the creature out and he realizes that his only true form is of a monster. The creator, Victor Frankenstein abandons and regrets his creation, leaving the poor soul of the creature alone and he must now grow himself, in a harsh world. The creature is terrified of his own looks, “Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust? God, in pity, made man beautiful and alluring after his own image; but my form is a filthy type of yours” (Chapter 15, pg 119). Although the creature wishes his physical features were better than his own, and what is accepted in society, immediate sympathy of the reader for the creature is established, and what is realized is that in the end we all strive for love and acceptance. Observations are what drive the creature to ultimately realize his place in the world-he sees that all others are beautiful but he isn’t. When the creature lays his eyes on Safie, he realizes that others are different and yet express different features, but are beautiful, “Her hair of a shining raven black, and curiously braided; her eyes were dark, but gentle, although animated; her features of a regular proportion, and her complexion wondrously fair, each cheek tingled with a lovely pink” (Chapter 13, pgs 104-105). The creature is so vivid in describing the features of another, it displays the obsession he has and wishes he could also look differently. The description by the creature may also cause the reader to perhaps think the creature desires the affection of the opposite sex. Symbolism is present when the creature mentions her hair of a “shining raven black”, he is now attached to nature, he finds the most beautiful thing in nature and assumes it is good because the other animal or being can fly so freely because of its beauty, but what the creature doesn’t realize his own beauty within. Sensory experience is what was the beginning of the creature realizing his place in society. The creature notices how wonderfully and exquisite the lives of others are, the powers in society, the beauty of others, but things he cannot possess because the way his creator, Victor, made him. There is however, one thing the creature finds comfort in, and that is the moon, “The moon had disappeared from the night, and again, with a lessened form, showed itself,