Frankenstein Romanticism Chart Essay

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If you could be a fly on the wall to observe any situation - historical, person, or otherwise - describe what you would choose to observe and why. What would you hope to learn and how would it benefit you?

According to the U.S. Census of April 1,2010, there was 11,536,504 people living in the state of Ohio. Imagine taking every person out of the state, including all ages of men, women, and children and slaughtering them. Why you ask? For no apparent reason, for their existence, for them drawing the unlucky straw. All because they lived in Ohio. What did Ohio do? What is the reason behind Ohio of all states getting this horrid punishment? This doesn’t seem fair does it? This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did to the Jewish population in World War II. Trying to exterminate the existence of an entire race seems impossible, but he was on his way to conquering that goal. Why? Jealousy maybe, a grudge held against one or a group of Jews, or just pure hatred could all be the reasons why Hitler created this prejudice in the country of Germany against the Jews. Sure, there are millions of theories on why exactly he started the Holocaust, but I would find it to be a very enlightening experience to know the real reasons behind Hitler’s mind set. I guess you could say to“be a fly on the wall” of his brain to figure out his logic on creating this plan of mass murder on a race.

Hitler was raised till the age of thirteen by a father and mother. His father was supposedly very abusive, strict, and extremely critical when it came to his school work, and life choices. It’s said that when Hitler was in middle school he was a lazy and poor student. Hitler excelled in gym and he loved art. His mother encouraged him to pursue his dream, which was to be an artist. On another note, his father had different plans. He wanted Hitler to join up with the civil service. One day though Hitler’s father passed away so he had no leader of the household to push him to stay in school, so with his mothers support he dropped out of highschool. So from the beginning, Hitler experienced a violent upcoming from the leader of the house who in he looked upon as an adolescent. All he knew from his father was abuse and a bad temper when things did not go as planned. Could this be a start of why he had a temper towards certain things? Or could this be why that he tried to use violence as a solution to fix certain problems? Later, Hitler’s caring mother passed away due to cancer. This of course affected Hitler also. One of the main things that affected Hitler was his dreams being crushed by Vienna Academy of Art. They rejected his application to become a student there, thus crushing his his childhood dreams.. After being turned down, he went and joined the army of Germany. He helped by carrying letters to the front line and back in World War I. Researchers say that he was very ecstatic when it came to the war. Maybe the war led him to be even more desensitized to violence and death. He was very unsocial, but he was driven to work his way up the ranks in the army. He did this and became successful. People started to become familiar with the name Adolf Hitler. This in turn started building his confidence and his social skills.

Hitlers already had a prejudice against the Jews. One can not help to wonder if there was any other influences that helped Hitler to take this prejudice of the