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In Mary Shelly’s novel “Frankenstein”, there are many indisputable similarities between Victor Frankenstein and the creature he has created. Though Victor is a bold and egotistical person compared to his solidified and monstrous creature, for which he believes to be the essence of evil, their lives complement one another very well in which they stride to acknowledge their surroundings and the meaning for which they live for are not so different after all. Within the novel these characters go about trying to grasp the full understanding of life which we see specs and scenarios that are relevant to the life of Mary Shelly. We find several scenes throughout the novel that relates to the horrid life that she has been bestowed upon, which really pulls you into thinking how these characters reflect the image of Mary Shelly and pain and suffering that she’s been through.
Victor and the creature share the same insight towards their lives trying to find answers and conclusions to understand their surroundings. One on hand, Victor seeks further knowledge in his studies after his mom passes away in which he wanted to be able to bring the dead back to life. Thus he then assembles the creature of which he leaves stranded once alive without any clue to what’s going on around him. The creature leaves to seek knowledge of his new environment and the purpose for his life. Both Victor and the creature are persistent at acquiring more knowledge which can also be a burden as Victor comes to found out later when this creature begins killing off his family one by one and demands that he suffers for bringing him into a world where everyone is afraid of him. Likewise they both suffer for their unconscious actions as Victor loses his loved ones to the creature he created and the beast still has affection shown towards him. Though the creature kills off most of Victor’s family, he’s still to blame for their deaths because he was the creator of the beast.
Throughout the novel we see implications that reflect upon Mary Shelly’s life through these characters. For instance, when Victor’s mother fell fatally ill, “entered the chamber long before the danger of the infection had past. The consequence of this imprudence were fatal” (Shelly,2.3). We see a connection here with the death of his mother to when Shelly lost her mother due to complications after Mary’s birth. While she was growing up there was a consistent occurrence of death that burdened upon her. The people that she loved and cared about seem to be the anchor that held her strong, but without them I believe that this is where you would begin to examine indications of the beast for when he states “I am alone and miserable: man will not associate