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Frankenstein study guide

Chapter 1-2

1. Shelley provides the reader with Frankenstein's childhood. She brings in his parent's background and explains the relation of Elizabeth.

2. They are from a respected family and they are loving toward each other and toward their children.

3. Victor is curious of how things work and why things are the way they are, he is a questioner searching for answers , while Elizabeth does not care about the inner working and meanings, just how the outside appears.

4. He pursuit for knowledge seems to be his tragic flaw later in life.

5. Henry is Victor's childhood friend, he is adventurous and is interested in relations of one thing to another.

6. Victor wants to find a cheat to death and rid mankind of disease. He wants to study a greater knowledge and he believes if he does he will achieve greatness.

7. Elizabeth is the "typical" romanic because she is pretty and has morals.

8. Agrippa and other early scientists pushed him to understand religion scientifically.

9. Victor suggests that switching between the studies will lead to his down fall.

Chapter 3-4

1. Victor’s mother get a disease that kills her from caring and saving Elizabeth.

2. He is lonely and it makes him depressed. He doesn't believe he can meet new people so he pushes people way as he makes his creature.

3. He pities those who use modern natural philosophy. He believes the contemporary scientists are just trying to out prove the old ones.

4. He realizes that the old scientists created a path for the new ones to expand after he hears a lecture about all the new discoveries they made.

5. Kreme is opinionated and he repulses Victor physically and personality wise ,however, he seems more open-minded.


7. He likes that science allows him an endless pursuit of knowledge. 8. Victor’s study of science is observation while the modern study of science is experimentation.

9. He thought the body would be too much work to create , however, he wants a creature who will praise him.

10. He is displaying Hubris(excessive pride).

11. He believes he is creating a nee form of life but in reality he is only playing a false god.

12. He is repulsed and obsessed at the same time.

13. Victor’s poor health, and his top-floor laboratory.


Chapter 5-6

1. It is dark and raining and there is a creepy feeling.

2. Victor claims he selected beautiful features, but he is actually distorted.

3. The creature is flawed and creepily disturbing.

4. He is filled with disgust at the site of his creation so much that he runs from the room.

5. Frankenstein has a dream that may foreshadow Elizabeth’s death.

6. Frankenstein feels disgusted when the creature tries to make contact. I believe the creature tries to make contact because the monster doesn't know anything expect that he has a connection toward the Doctor.

7. Victor is repulsed deep down by the fact that he has overstepped nature and god.

8. “The republican institutions of our country have produced simpler...which prevail in the great monarchies that surround it.” (pg. 41)

9. We learn the history of the young girl that live with the Frankenstein family, Justine.

10. His fever comes from the nervousness and fear he feels towards his creation.

11. He starts to heal after he sees the beauty of nature.

12. The disappearance of the creature creates suspense.

Chapters 7-8
1. The letters set the…