Frankenstein Vs Edward Scissorhands Essay

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Talia Miller
November 18, 2014
Period ­ 3 Frankenstein vs Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands and
Frankenstein there are many differences and similarities. When it comes to certain aspects like the creatures themselves, love and emotions and what they are looking for, and the views from outside society there are a few things that are the same, but also many things that are completely different.
One thing to compare between the two stories is the fact that both of the main characters are creatures, they are both non­human characters. In the movie
Scissorhands, the creature is Edward. In
the creature is the monster that
Victor created. One main thing that is similar between the two is that they are both man made. Both Edward and The Monster are created by someone in a lab. Resulting in no other human contact besides their creators, leaving them with little to no social skills.
Though both creatures are man made, their physical appearances are completely different. The creature in the novel is portrayed as a large, ugly, and monstrous being. “
A mummy again endued with animation could not be so hideous as that wretch.” (pg.
57) In contrast, Edward is more of a human­like creature. He has more of a human figure, his only difference being his extremely pale skin and his scissorhands. Edward and The Monster as creatures, have any similarities and differences. One main

difference is their physical appearance and one main similarity is the fact the they are both man made creatures.
Another thing that is comparable between
Edward Scissorhands and Frankenstein is the aspect of love and the creatures emotions. The points of whether they are looking for love or not and the emotions that the feel throughout each story. In
Edward Scissorhands,
Edward is not seeking love but he ends up finding it anyway. At first Edward is infatuated by Kim (the woman that Edward eventually falls in love with), but Kim is afraid of Edward. She is frightened at first because he is a stranger laying in her bed, then a little bit later she is frightened by his appearance. Later on in the movie as Kim gets to know Edward she ends up falling for him as he has fallen for her. In contrast, the monster from the novel
is looking for love. Because all of the normal human are extremely afraid of him he asks his creator Victor to create him a female creature. At first Victor denies his request, then eventually agrees. When Victor realizes the he is creating another monster, which comes with the possibility of more chaos and disaster, he decides to venture off to dispose of parts that he had ready to make the female monster, leaving the monster with no one. Furthermore, Edward and the monster experience very different situations and have very different emotions towards those situations. When Edward is put into an uncomfortable situation he backs off, basically going into his own little shell. When the monster is put into an uncomfortable situation he lashes out, sometimes killing others. The love aspects and emotions portrayed between the two stories are very different.