Frankenstein and Macbeth Comparative Essay

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Sutharsan Raguram
Ms. Andreopoulos
Friday, May-04-12
“Power as a Corrupting Force in Frankenstein and Macbeth” Power as a corrupting force has been present from the beginning of time and is often revealed in many works of literature. In the novel Frankenstein by Marry Shelly and Macbeth by William Shakespeare, corruption of power is well brought forth in the characters in both texts. In both stories, characters reveal power as a corrupting force through their thirst of knowledge. Characters also reveal power as a corrupting force through character change. In addition, the character’s action justify how corrupted they really are. Therefore, power corrupts the individuals because of character’s extreme ambition which leads to
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The books gives him mixed feelings in himself just as the witches mixing feelings into Macbeth. Macbeth got extreme ambition from the witches, the monster gets understanding which makes the monster go on a rampage. The books made the monster think of himself as Satan and he is convinced. The monster and Macbeth are both tormented by guilt, killing Duncan and the monster hurting innocent people. In summary, all three characters have extreme ambition for knowledge allowing them to get power and it corrupts them leading to their demise. Secondly, Macbeth’s extreme ambition gets him power which is a corrupting force because Macbeth has a complete character change. Since Macbeth has a bad name because of the state of Scotland revealing Macbeth is a corrupt king. He even sends murders to do the dirty work which reveals that Macbeth is a coward and before this he was fighting in many battles and was a true hero. The war was going on, England and Scotland. Macduff sees Macbeth and Macduff says, “Turn, hell-hound,