Franklin D Roosevelt Dbq

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epression and WHow did a rich man with polio become president? This man is named Franklin D Roosevelt, and he helped the United States through the great dorld War Two.(History)Franklin was the thirty second president of the United states.(History) Also he was key for the great depression because he lifted the spirits of the American citizens.(History) Franklin lead the united states from isolation to victory over the Nazi Germans.(History) Franklin D Roosevelt had a good education, he helped America through the Great Depression and World War two, and he was a political man.(History)
Franklin D Roosevelt was born on January 30,1882, in New York.(History) He was the only child of wealthy parents, and in a rich estate.(History) When Franklin
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After Harvard, Franklin went to Colombia university law school to study law.(Bio) And in 1907 Franklin passed the bar exam.(Bio) For the next three years, Franklin studied law, but he found it boring and restrictive.(Bio) In 1910 Franklin started his political career in New York.(Bio) Franklin won the New york senate as a democrat, and the senate had been voted Republican for the past thirty two years.(Bio) As New York senate, Franklin opposed elements of the democratic political machine in new york.(Bio) This won Franklin the ire of both parties, and gained national notoriety and valuable experience in politics.(Bio) In 1912 Roosevelt got elected in new york as the chair of agricultural committee, and he passed laws to help farmers out.(Bio) Franklin formed an alliance with Louis Howe, and Louis helped Franklin with his political career for the next 25 …show more content…
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