Franklin Delano Roosevelt Outline

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York.On April 12,1945, Roosevelt died while resting at his cottage in Warm Springs, Georgia.In 1910 Roosevelt was elected as a Democrat to the New York Senate.By the time Roosevelt was sworn in as a president in March1933, about 13 million people were unemployed in the United States.During World War 1 (1914-18) Roosevelt helped lead the navy to victory over German sea forces.He won by a popular vote of 25,606,585 to Dewey,s 22,014,745 and 432 electoral votes to 99.In his 1945 message to Congress he said that the year just beginning “can be the greatest year of achievement in human history.The First was
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Roosevelt helped the American people regain faith in themselves.On St.Patrick’s Day, 1905, he married Eleanor Roosevelt.He won election to the New York Senate in 1910.He was elected President in November 1932, to the first of four terms.When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Roosevelt directed organization of the Nation’s manpower and resources for global war.At the 1924 Democratic Convention he dramatically appeared on crutches to nominate Alfred E.Smith as “the Happy Warrior”.ln 1928 Roosevelt became Governor of New York.As the war drew to a close, Roosevelt’s health deteriorated, and on April 12, 1945,while at Warm Srings, Georgia, he died for a cerebral hemorrhage.After Graduating from Groton in 1900, Franklin Roosevelt entered Harvard University, determined to make something of himeself.Roosevelt studied law at Columbia University Law School and passed the bar exam in 1907, though he didn’t receive a degree.Rooosevelt was reelected to the state senate in 1912 and served as chair of the agricultural committee, passing farm and labor bills